Five Things a Real Wife Expects

  • Make her feel special. In the daily rut of life, you are there for each other, yet there is no time and space to do anything special. With dinner dates becoming a normal phenomenon, it’s important to do something more.

  • Do something special for her on her birthday and your anniversary. It can be something as small as surprising her by a sudden visit to her office, or waking her up with a cup of coffee. It can be something as simple as a rose, a card and a note. Do something that you don’t do everyday, something that will bring a smile to her face.

  • In your regular life, give her some space and time, the space and time to be with herself, to take long showers, to go to a spa, to read her favorite book, or simply to lie on the bed and watch some tv.

  • After marriage, normally, the life of a girl becomes a lot more about her husband and family than about herself. She will not realize she needs this time until she gets it. Encourage her to spend some alone time. Give it to her and see the difference in her, the happiness on her face when you meet her after the alone time!

  • Every once in a while (while can be defined as a week or a month or even a quarter), look into her eyes and tell her how much you love her. Once we get busy in our day to day lives, we tend to take the love for granted. Every once in a while, remind her and yourself of the love.

  • Make a ‘Box of Memories’. Atleast once in 6 months, take some time to look back and reminisce old memories with her. It can just be a simple discussion about simpler times. If you have difficulty bringing up memories, bring out old pictures, things saved from the start of the relationship and go through that box. Also make sure, to keep adding stuff into the box of memories atleast once in every 6 months.

  • Help your wife in at least one task per day. The way she has become an integral part of your life by doing innumerable things for you, right from organizing your clothes to cooking for you to any menial task, become an integral part of hers. The task can be as small as helping her get food from kitchen or helping her clear the table after dinner or switching off the lights at night or locking the doors. But take up that small task as a responsibility.