The Sexiest Jobs for Men

Jobs that all ladies find to be sexy ,it sounds funny but is what we love .

1 Flower pot

Women want men who will keep them enclosed in safe places and help nourish them from seed to beautiful blossom. Flower pots are simple, yet sturdy, yet not so sturdy that they preclude emotional vulnerability.

And if you drop one and it breaks, you can always buy another one!

2 Pirate (preferably from the Caribbean)

If there’s one thing that drives women crazy, it’s scurvy. While scurvy has largely been eradicated thanks to modern medicine and Tropicana Orange Juice, men with this disease can hook women who like being caretakers (all of them!). Extra points for pirates with scurvy who live in the Caribbean and domestically abuse their partners, because they may be Johnny Depp.

3 Donut hole

Donut holes are crunchy on the outside and doughy on the inside — that is to say, they bury their emotions so deep that you have to bite them to figure out what they’re hiding in there. Donuts are also the equivalent of “bad boys,” because women shouldn’t want them, but they do anyways. If sex appeal has historically been a problem for you, try becoming a donut hole.

4 Potpourri

Have you ever smelled potpourri? It’s pungent and complicated, with just the right amount of mystery to it. Women love to date potpourri because they can’t figure it out right away, which keeps them coming back for more. If there’s one thing women love, it’s uncertainty about the emotional availability of their partner.

5. Bubbling stream

Women like men who go with the flow and know how to be gentle, yet can also sweep them off their feet, sending them tumbling along with the current, cursing as they realize that they never took their iPhones out of their pocket and why didn’t they just back up their pictures to I Cloud like the annoyingly smug Apple Genius told them to do? Becoming a bubbling stream is a great way to show a woman that you have a sense of humor and potentially, trout living inside you.

6. Amazon gift card

Amazon gift cards are ubiquitous, easy to get along with, and never get turned away from parties. When Amazon finalizes its takeover of the world, you’ll be able to use an Amazon gift card instead of cash or credit at any store or restaurant. When a woman checks out an Amazon gift card, she sees high earning potential and a great way to invest in her future.