Watch Trailer to Joke Silva’s movie Potato Potahto + why marriages break

Joke Silva’s new movie “Potato Potahto” centers around a very unusual scenario as a couple decides to still live in their matrimonial home after their divorce.

The actress who has been married to fellow actor Olu Jacobs for over two decades, spoke to Pulse Nigeria on how to ensure a happy home.

Joke silva olu jacobs

“The issues that tend to break marriages are issues that are so small. They are just made to become hydra headed,” she said.

“If you can just realize that you’re approaching things from different perspectives. You say “Potato,” because probably you went to a school on the Island, and then you say “Potahto,”probably you went to school on the mainland.

She explained that most couples are simply coming from different perspectives, but at the end of the day, they are human beings who are in love with each other.

“So talk about it and if you have to argue about it, argue about it. And then at the end of the argument, make up. But it’s not enough to separate,” she said.

“And I think that’s the point of “Potato Potahto.” That’s the message of the film: we don’t have to separate over those trivial things.”

The movie “Potato Potahto” features the veteran actress as Mrs Wilson, whose recently divorced daughter is sharing a home with her ex husband.

Silva said that the mixture of drama and comedy is what endeared her to the project. She also liked the fact that in the writing of the script, the seriousness of divorce isn’t left out.

Joke Silva Potato Potahto

“But it’s easier to absorb because it’s funny,” she said.

“The seriousness of the topic is passed through; you know how you’re giving people bitter medicine and then you sugarcoat it. So it’s easier to swallow.”

“Potato Potahto” is a movie that also captures the typical relationship between an African mother and daughter.

“One of the very funny scenes is something we do as Africans. Your child is right there and you have all the older people asking “how are you? I was at your wedding.” You don’t leave the girl to talk.

And because the mother knows what is going on, she answers all the questions quickly. The daughter is the one being asked the questions, the mother is the one answering. It was an amazing scene. I loved it.”

Shirley Frimpong-Manso film, “Potato Potahto” opens in cinemas on November 24, 2017 but watch the trailer below:

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