Mother Cries Out About Having an illicit Affair With Her Son

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I’m happily married with 3 Boys, My first son is 20yrs Old, my second son is 17yrs Old while my last born is 15yrs Old. [Read:An Angel reportedly appears in TB Joshua’s Synagogue Church [VIDEO]

One day I mistakenly entered my first son’s room while he was naked and I was attracted to the shape and size of his manhood but I kept mute ever since then. Ever since that day i have been thinking about my son’s manhood and i even started masturbating every time i thought about it.  [Read: Arouse Any Girl With These Statements [Must Read]

Until the day my husband was on a trip and his younger brothers had gone to school I was finally tempted, He was sitting in the sitting room with boxer and singlet and was surfing through the internet on his phone, I invited him to my room like I want to give him a piece of advice. [Read: How to Kiss Excellently [Must Read]]

He came in and I asked him to sit, he was expecting me to talk, I just told him I want to see if there is a mark he had from childhood on his thigh still there or not and ordered him to pull off and I grabbed his manhood, to cut the long story short ever since then I have enjoyed having fun with him more than his father and we have had fun more than six times. I don’t know how I can stop this bad act and my husband must not be aware. Please, I need your advice. She said.