Happy World Meal Gate: The Empowerment & Transformation Agent

Over the years, there has been so much hues and cries over the astronomical
hunger and malnutrition challenges bedeviling Nigeria and Africa. It is on record
that hunger kills more people each year than AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis
combined. More so nearly one billion people daily go to bed hungry. The facts are
as scary as they come.

happy world gate
Guess you are unaware that Nigeria is a food deficit country and is Africa’s largest
importer of rice. More worrisome is the federal government’s recent declaration
of a food and malnutrition emergency in Borno State, northeast Nigeria no thanks
to the scourge of insurgency.

However, one company has taken the sole responsibility to ensure that the
crusade against hunger and malnutrition goes beyond mere rhetoric. This
company is none other than Happy World Meal Gate. Happy World as it is fondly
called by its teeming members has in less than a year of existence, empowered
hundreds of thousands of people both financially and via the distribution of food

happy world gate
As a multi-level marketing company of African extraction on a mission to bring
smiles to peoples faces, this distinct company is proffering a sustainable
food/reward system which embraces all strata of society. As soon as a registrant
signs up on the portal with a one-off fee of N6,400 ($32) and meets the
requirements, the person is rewarded ,generates much needed income and drives
feeding expenses to the barest minimum.

2017 has been a remarkable year for Africa’s numero uno food security company.
Some of the interesting highlights include but not limited to the following:

1.  Empowerment of hundreds of thousands of members across Nigeria and Africa
via the provision of free food items and cash payments as they progress through
the various stages.

happy world gate
2.  Happy World has successfully supported ‘Made in Nigeria/Buy Nigeria’
campaign initiative of the federal government. The ripple effect is the creation of
thousands of jobs and the stability of diverse manufacturing companies.

3.  Quite a number of members who hitherto were either unemployed or
underemployed now have their own food distribution business. Not done, many
are now capable of assisting the underprivileged in their various communities.

happy world gate
4.  At Happy World, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is tantamount to oxygen.
The company organized a recent visit to the Internally Displaced Persons (IDP)
camp in Makurdi, Benue State and distributed truckloads of assorted food items.

5.  In a bid to be closer to its growing population of members, branch expansion
was robust in 2017.Asides the Lagos headoffice,branch offices were opened in
FCT Abuja, Ibadan, Port Harcourt, Makurdi and Kaduna. In addition to branches in
Cameroun, Ghana, Togo, Benin Republic and Uganda.

6.  Happy World’s recent first year anniversary celebration which held in Lagos,
witnessed the convergence of thousands of members cutting across Nigeria and
the African continent. At the epoch-making event, several brand new cars, free
round-trip tickets to Dubai, Mecca and Israel was given to deserving Stage 4
members. Not done, millions of naira was also doled out as bonus payments.
There is no gainsaying that as Happy World continues to pioneer this noble
crusade against the debilitating duo of hunger and malnutrion; thousands are
practically becoming aware and daily desirous of signing up to this noble cause.

Empower yourself, family and community by visiting www.happyworldmealgate.org or Happy World’s verified social media handles
Facebook.com: happyworldmealgate, Twitter.com: @happyworldmeal, Instagram:
@happyworldmealgate_official and YouTube: Happy World Meal Gate Official for
more details.